• Tom Simon's Freddie and the Dreamers page. [link verified 06/11/2004]
  • Another Freddie Page. [link verified 06/11/2004]
  • The Freddie and the Dreamers Page at the official Manchester City Online site. [link added 05/21/00, verified 06/18/01]
  • Here's a page all about a film the band appeared in, called, in the U.S., Seaside Swingers (and Every Day's A Holiday in the U.K.). The page proclaims, "Perhaps the highlight of the entire movie. Freddie and the Dreamers big number "What's Cookin'," a magical tour de force of slapstick comedy and cheeky pop. Freddie and the lads actually do a very nice job here." The film is covered on this page, too. [link added 05/22/00]
  • The band is listed as appearing in the musical film Cliff Richard: When Cliff Was King, available on video. [link added 05/19/00]
  • On this Hollies Biography page, it notes that guitarist Derek Quinn once played in a group called the Fourtones with the Hollies' Allan Clarke and Graham Nash.
  • According to the Rock and Roll Movies page, Freddie and the Dreamers appeared in four films in the 60s, What A Crazy World (1963), Every Day's A Holiday (1965), Cuckoo Patrol (1965), and Out Of Sight (1966).
  • There's a movie poster for Out of Sight for sale on this page. The poster is pictured at right. [link added 05/21/00]
  • There was a series of Coca-Cola commercials from 1965-9 featuring pop artists. Freddie is among them, and the list of them is quite impressive. Here is a review of the Things Go Better With Coke album.
  • The Freddie & the Dreamers entry in Delirium's Psychedelic Web.
  • This page about the Beatles cartoon series reveals that Freddie and the Dreamers and Herman's Hermits were each considered for their own animated series, too. [link added 05/21/00]
  • Ultimate Rock Cyclopedia 's Freddie and the Dreamers entry. It's nothing more than a list of band personnel, though. If that URL fails you, try this one.
  • Godley and Creme are recalled working on studio recordings with other bands, including the Dreamers, before forming 10cc in 1972. This is cross-confirmed in the story of Strawberry Studio.
  • The band appeared on the 60s pop TV show Hullaballoo, and you can purchase tapes of them, too - check out Volume 4 and Volume 5. [links added 05/21/00]
  • The Home Page of the City of Manchester covers Freddie on its musical history page. [link added 05/19/00]
  • The band played at least three shows (in Liverpool, Birkenhead, and Sheffield) with The Beatles back in 1962-63 according to this Beatles Live Performances page.
  • This page of May 29 birthdays notes band member Roy Crewsdon's 1941 birth. [link added 05/19/00]
  • This page of Beatles dates notes that Freddie & The Dreamers were a support act on the bill for The Beatles' 1964-65 Christmas Shows.
  • This Paul Revere and the Raiders Page notes that by 1966, most British Invasion bands, including Freddie's, were coming down off their high-water marks. [link added 05/19/00]
  • In this biography of the 60s folk group The Seekers, it is noted that a gig opening for Freddie and the Dreamers in Blackpool in 1964 was among their first big breaks.
  • The current incarnation of the band. [link added 05/21/00]
  • The band appears in the U.K. Chronology Index on the page for 1964. [link added 05/21/00]



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